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Taking charge of your narrative.

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When the sun shines during a Nairobi winter. 😜. Also just testing stories.


How to build your you-tube brand as a teacher/trainer.

If you are a teacher, trainer, coach or educator, the world needs you. With eyes glued on screens, this is the perfect time to get online and build that brand. Take a book and pen and write down answers to the following questions. This will give you a guideline on where and how to start. […]

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Selling DIY

Why your creative products/services are not selling. CONGRATULATIONS! You have created a beautiful, sexy, one of a kind Service/Product and everyone who saw it agrees with you and told you to sell them and they promised to buy, so you’re pumped and have created that page and posted those pictures with a catchy title and […]

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Lies Women believe.

There are lies that we all believe because that is how it has always been, and you are like I was today old when I learnt such and such was a lie. Then there are things we believe as women to be true that were passed down to us from our mums and aunties that […]

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Living with a creative

Them: You are so lucky you have someone who is doing your counters and sink, he is so creative, saves cost and he is your husband. Me; #Blessed Also Me: Babe, when will we be able to use the sink again, Can I now move this bag of cement to the pantry and the nails […]

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Finding your target audience.

Most times, when you have an awesome, mind blowing, never seen by anyone, anywhere else before, idea, product, design, service or skills, all you want to do is show it to everyone, because let’s face it your idea rocks and they should kiss the ground you walk on … riiiight  …  wrong. I know, I too […]

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Fearless but not Afraid

First your heart starts beating fast, then you feel your stomach filling with that hot gas, forget butterflies this is pure fear, then when your head stops pounding you start hearing the voices, giirl what are you doing, why on earth do you think you can do this, how will you do this, what will […]

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Not for everyone 🤗

Most times when we start something, business, new product or post a status, we always think this is it! This will be loved and wanted by many, it will just blow up my notifications. But sadly none…okay maybe just 2. Let me tell you, that is fiiiiiiiineee. congratulations you put it out there, you did […]